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Purchasing a Puppy

Application Process

First, we ask that you fill out an application with a questionnaire.  Our questions will help us pair you with the best match possible.

Once an application has been received, we require that you submit a deposit to ensure you are placed on our waiting list for puppies. The deposit is $500 and goes towards the final price of the puppy ($2,000 total). These are non-refundable. Your order in the puppy allocation is based on when your deposit is received. This doesn't lock which puppy you get, only your place on the waiting list. We have a master list and as a litter becomes available we go down the list in order of deposit received to choose those that will be the first to obtain that litter.
If for some reason you would like to skip a litter (wanting a different color, gender, or size), you will not lose your place in line. We are working with mother nature, so there are times when the puppy of your choice or gender is not available with the first litter open to you. However, we can never guarantee that the perfect color or gender will become available. We can generally guess the colors based on the parents, but nothing is ever guaranteed. We ensure that our puppies are happy and healthy, which are our first priorities. We use our questionnaire to get to know each family's needs based on their situation and try to match families and individuals to the puppies that will best suit them, as this is key to a successful pairing. In the long run, a dog that fits better temperament-wise or personality-wise will be better than by gender or color. That being said, we will try to honor your wishes; leave you with our recommendation on which puppy best suits you, and let you decide for yourself.
We also reserve the right to reserve two puppies in any litter for breeding purposes to replenish our breeders, which we may or may not use. This may also change your litter choice. To maintain our high breed standards, if we are going to take a puppy or two to be future breeders, we will take the very best of the litter, which also includes specific coloring patterns, temperaments, and coat types. 

Once, you have placed a deposit, you will be placed on our master list to wait for your perfect pet. When a mother is confirmed pregnant, we will contact those at the top of our list to decide whether they would like to move forward with the upcoming litter or if they would like to pass and hold off until the next litter, where they will remain one of the top names on the list. If you confirm to keep your spot we will keep you updated weekly on the litter from birth to going home with you. 

When your puppy is 6-7 weeks old, the final payment is due ($1,500). Each puppy is $2,000.00. This includes age-appropriate vaccinations, deworming, microchip, veterinarian check prior to pick up, health certificate, WALA and/or ALAA pedigrees of parents, collar, favorite toy, sample of food the puppy has been eating, new puppy instructions, and two-year genetic health guarantee. The genetic health guarantee is only valid if the new owner sees a veterinarian for a check-up within 3 business days to confirm no current medical conditions exist, and the owner keeps up on all necessary vaccinations during the two-year period.  

Please be aware that there will be an additional cost if you require shipping or choose not to pick up the puppy from our location. If shipping is needed, a minimum fee of $50 will be required in order for us to buy an appropriate airline crate for the puppy and begin training said puppy to use the travel crate. You can fly into the Boise, Idaho airport or the Tri-Cities Airport and take the puppy in the cabin with you, and fly home. 

If you require a flight nanny to travel with your puppy to an airport near you, a minimum fee of $500 will be required for our flight nanny in addition to the price of the airfare. Please contact us for additional information and specific prices.

Puppies are ready to go home to their forever families at 8-9 weeks old. You will be contacted by us about a window of time that puppies will need to be picked up/shipped. If puppies are not taken home during that window of time, owners will be charged $25 per day after the window ends.

Payment Methods

Cash is always acceptable. If you'd like to pay online, Good Dog is the preferred method of payment because they don't charge extra fees, and ensure that money is protected for both parties. We can also accept PayPal or Venmo. If you choose to use a credit card on PayPal or Venmo, you will be expected to cover the service charge of 3%.

PayPal Information:

Shaye Zohner


Venmo Information: 

Shaye Zohner


Good Dog Information:

Shaye Zohner

Zohner Royal Labradoodles

If you'd like to pay via check, we will make exceptions if you mail the check by the puppy's 5-week mark, so we may ensure that the check does not bounce and it goes through fully before the puppy pickup date. Please contact us for mailing information, if you'd like this option. 

Puppy Limited Contract of Sale

Upon puppy pick-up, you will be required to sign a contract of sale. It is a spay and neuter contract to ensure that family pups are desexed. This is not only our rule but is required by WALA and ALAA that we have you sign that you will spay and neuter your pet. It also ensures that our puppies are healthy and happy. The contract also contains our 2-year health guarantee. Please read our contract prior to pick-up to fully understand our policies. 

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