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Our Dams



Royal Gabriella at Zohner Royal Labradoodles



Born: May 17, 2020

Color: Red w/ white Tuxedo

Coat: Curly fleece

Size: 18" and 29lbs (small medium)

Health Clearance: PPG DNA profile, PPG disease panel clear (carries for PRA), clear by parentage furnishings, IC clear, OFA cardiac normal/clear, OFA patella normal, OFA eye clear, OFA hips fair, OFA elbow clear. Color Panel: B/b, e/e, F/F, S/s, D/D. 

WALA Registration: WALA00038540

ALAA Registration: ALAA-113180


Sire: JoaLins Mango Chili of Vinton Valley

Dame: Royal LUNA

Gabby gets along with everyone, dog or human! She is the most lovable gal. Her favorite thing is laying on the couch with her family. She could cuddle all day long. She has the puppy dog eyes down so well, it's so hard to say "no" to anything she wants. Most often she gets her way. She can be energetic when she wants, but usually, she likes being laid back. 

Ell's Duchess Nova of Zohner Royal Labradoodles 



Born: February 19, 2021

Color: Apricot extreme parti

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Size: 16" and 20lbs (large mini)

Health Clearance: PPG DNA profile, PPG disease panel clear, clear by parentage furnishings, IC clear, OFA pending, Color Panel: b/b, e/e, F/F, s/s, k/k.  

WALA Registration: NW00043800

ALAA Registration: ALAA-101225

Sire: Jubilee May Day Morty 

Dame: Ell's Lady of the Moon Luna

Nova is our energetic girl; she has spunk. She can roughhouse with the biggest of the big dogs and keep up, and yet she is so so gentle with the little dogs she plays with. She is best friends with everyone, regardless of species, size, and strength. She can be found either pulling all her toys out in the living room or chewing on a tasty bone. When she does tire, she loves cuddling next to Gabby on the couch. Other than playing with toys all day, Nova will do anything for belly-rubs, it's her kryptonite. If she can get belly-rubs, she will do whatever you ask of her. 

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