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Guardian Program

Our guardian program allows us to do what we do best while our mommy and daddy dogs get to enjoy the comforts of a loving and caring home. Our program is designed to benefit everyone involved: the dog, the breeder, and the forever family. We are not a kennel breeder and believe every dog deserves a loving family they can call their own. The guardian home program allows our dogs to have that life outside of expanding our breeding program.

Individuals or families in our program have one of our breeding dogs as their family pet. This dog belongs to and lives with the guardian family. ​Zohner Royal Labradoodles LLC retains the breeding rights for a set amount of years. After the set amount of years is fulfilled, the dog is no longer used for breeding. The dog is then spayed or neutered and continues to live its life with the guardian family. 

This means that our dogs receive all the love they could ever ask for and they get to spend their entire lives with their forever family. We hand-pick each guardian home to ensure that the families caring for our dogs are the best of the best. 

We could not do what we do without our wonderful guardian families!

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